Nvidia Kepler cards?


Jun 5, 2010
Have any details (including the release date) been released about Nvidia's next-gen GTX 6xx "Kepler" series of graphics cards?

I hope AMD's HD 7xxx series gets smoked!

Gordon Freeman

Jan 10, 2012
Ya the Nvidias are being rushed AGAIN! ala circa GTX480 and yes Nvidia will smoke Radeon by way of exuberant HEAT! and fire och just like GTX 480 Nvidia was never good at efficiency in most any of there cards LOL plus it will be way over priced LOL.
^AMD fanboy :D

We don't know yet since it's not released, nor we are working for nVidia so we don't know when it's going to be released. In my point of view, they will smoke down 7xxx. But only if they can maintain their efficiency, heat, good drivers, probably eyefinity support AND when AMD not put their card prices down, which I think they can do easily. Because the reason why 7xxx cards are so-expensive is because AMD don't have any direct competitors and it's their time to put up such high prices. When kepler comes, making the 7970 have the same prices (or just a bit more expensive) than 6970 and 7950 like 6950 2GB is maybe going to be hard, but they will do it little by little and still be competitive. But that is just my opinion, others may be different.



Welcome back AMD Fanboy , shall we kneel before your expert trollage? :pt1cable:


May 10, 2007
I read a maximum PC mag about a month or two ago. From what they predict in the next 5 to 10 years seeing from what GPU's started to today, I'd say keplar should be a home run. I really hope they don't rush it, but I'm in no rush to buy another GPU until it smokes my 580GTX by at least 50%+ on benchmarks. I'm just hoping for a price drop so i can get my hands on one or two more 580's for a much lower price. I remember when new GPU's and CPU's were every 3 to 6 months, but just like games these days they take forever to come out with something new and BIG.


rumors are they are coming february or march for the 660 level card (hk104) which should compete with the 7950 and 7970. The more powerful cards are unknown but projected to be launching sometime in the second half the year.

Heat and power consumption shouldn't be an issue at least not in the hk104 but its price could be considerably higher than the 560ti but below that of the 7970.


most probably kepler cards will smoke hd 7000 cards.but prices are most likely to be higher than 7000 cards.but still i am waiting for a replacement for my gtx 580 and it's going to be a gtx 680! :D
i am nvidia fanboy and i admit it cause they are great!

manu 11

Jan 6, 2011
i dont think those numbers are true, gtx 580 performance at 319$, not a style of nvidia, and 1024 cores, even from a die shrink, the max they can get imo should be about 800 or something.AND even if it is true, the priceing should be a little on the higher side

about the price thing even charlie at SA saying something about a $299 nvidia card will compete against 7900 series :pt1cable:

what did they say?

have you pay the visit to the sticky thread? there was a lot of info and rumor over there

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