Question Nvidia lastest drivers affecting/decreasing official sli profile in 2019 ?


Dec 6, 2016
Hi all i am new to reddit as i just created and account here so i will be straight to the point ,recently i have been getting some loss in performance from my sli config pc in older games those older games fully support sli and profile was official at launch or soon after launch i will mention some of those games example tomb raider 2103 ,far cry 5 and dirt rally are the games that i can assure got decrease in performance as those games are the ones i got time to test , just to clarify thinks those games are known by facts and experience and they were subject to test made by myself maybe other games encounter same issue but i had make the tomb raider 2013 as reference game for my test.

my actual rig nowadays is :

Asus Pg27uq 4k 144hz gsync hdr 1000nits

Core i7 8086k 5.5ghz Oc

Ram G.skill (4x8) 32gb 3200mhz cl14 g.skill trident z rgb

Corsair H100i v2 cpu cooler

Asus Maximus Hero X Gtx 1080 ti sli Asus strix Oc edition

Psu Coolermaster v1200 Platinium certified

Casing full tower Coolermaster C700P cosmo

I got the chance to change system in the last 2 years but my gpus were always 2 x GTX 1080 TI ASUS STRIX OC EDITION SLI so here is the problem i am actually having so lets start with tomb raider 2013 here is a video on my youtube channel of how it perform 1 year ago :
and the benchmark video
and now i will show you how it perform nowadays with the driver 419.61 from nvidia
like you can see the difference in fps is enormous form 130fps 4k ultimate preset to 60-70 fps this is due to the poor scaling % of both cards 1 year ago it was scaling at 98% 99% both cards and now its on a scaling of 55% 65 % .

Note that i have spend a lot of times trying to figure out what was the cause of those loss in performance and finally after testing 1 by 1 driver from nvidia from 353.62 to 419.67 i discover that using the driver number 385.69 was fixing the problem as the scaling % and fps was back to what it was 1 year ago .

Now here is how dirt rally was performing 1 year ago :
and i can confirm that the scaling % of this game also got decrease nowadays to 71% 69% .

And concerning far cry 5 same think here is how it was performing 1 year ago :
and nowadays its dont exceed 60fps with 2x gtx 1080 ti in sli and scaling is also very poor 50% 60%.

So guys if any of you know by fact or by experience how to fix this issue you will get my gratitude at the highest level . Last but not least please no toxic talk like sli is dead or that sort of bullshit don't give opinions just give experience or facts so that we dont get divided and waste time on stupid debate that will certainly put us away from the main topic thanks a lot in advance .