Nvidia on Freesync?

New Void

Nov 27, 2016
I have the HP Omen 32" Freesync 75hz monitor. I know Freesync only works with AMD but the GTX 1060 6gb is slightly faster and currently slightly cheaper than the RX 580 8gb for gaming. How bad is screen tearing and should I just get the RX 580 to avoid it or should I get the slight extra power of the 1060 and bare with the screen tearing. V-Sync I want to avoid due to reduced performance.

I am coming from PlayStation which has always been my main gaming system from PS1. Games I am building my PC for primarily is Cyberpunk 2077, Death Stranding and Forza Horizon 4 but I will do CAD on it too.

AMD GPU build:


Nvidia GPU build:

How noticeable screen tearing is usually depends on how fast things are moving on the screed. Typically RPGs aren't super fast paced so it might not be bad, but for racing games like Forza it might be noticeable. Death stranding appears to be PS4 only?

I wouldn't really call the 1060 faster, they tend to perform similarly on average with one or the other taking the lead depending on the specific game. Tomshardware has a pretty recent review featuring results for a 580 vs 1060, the 580 wins more often than not.

Also, I'd get a Ryzen 2600 over the 1600 if it's not too much difference in price. Probably don't need the big 240mm water cooler, Ryzen CPUs aren't really that hard to keep cool.


Nov 5, 2010
Well, in my opinion and after reading several review is that the RX 580 8Gb actually is better than Nvidia's 1060 cards in DX 12 games such as :
Star Wars Battlefront II : RX 580 8 GB 94 FPS vs 85fps 1060 6Gb
Rise of the Tomb Raider : RX 580 8Gb 81 vs 78 1060 6Gb
Battlefield 1 : Rx 580 8GB 106 fps vs 79 1060 6Gb
Deus Ex Makind divided : RX 580 8GB 71 vs 63 1060 6 Gb.
In Vulkan games they also get their lift like in Doom and Wolfenstein 86Fps vs 66 fps ( 1060 6GB)
If you then go over DX11 games as well you will start seeing things even a bit more out, still :
Far cry 5 : RX 580 8GB 75 vs 69 1060 6Gb.

Check out at Guru http://www.guru3d.com/articles_pages/asrock_phantom_gaming_x_radeon_rx580_8g_oc_review,16.html which seems to be a pretty recent review.