Question Nvidia Optimus bottleneck bigger than it should be (ASUS Zephyrus M16)


Oct 5, 2014
I just bought myself a Zephyrus M16 with a 11800H and 3070 (100W). Great laptop so far. I knew it didn't have a MUX switch but I use an external screen most of the time so it isn't really an issue. Having said that, I was still surprised to see some results while using the built-in display and hence the Intel iGPU to "display" the pixels after they have been processed by the 3070. Looking at reviews and other benchmarks, I think the performance drop I am getting is wawy too high.
For example in League of Legends I am literally going from 300 FPS (external screen 1440p) to 100-110 FPS (built-in display at 1440p). For fun I even tried gaming using only the iGPU and I am literally getting 70-80FPS, so not too far from the 3070 which makes no sense even considering Optimus.
Even in more intensive games like Warzone, I am losing over 30-40% fps. Same thing in Back 4 Blood where I am losing 50+ fps.

I noticed a couple of things:
  1. The iGPU clock speed seems to jump between 350MHz and 1500MHz while running a game through the built-in display. It might be normal but might be also the reason why I am getting such a big FPS drop.
  2. The iGPU utilization is quite high at 50% even when just running LOL on the 3070. I don't know if this is expected but was weird.
Does anyone have an idea about what I can try to do? Obviously I have already updated everything (drivers and more).
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Dec 3, 2021
I am losing over 30-40% fps without my external monitor too. My iGPU usage jumps too 70% on simple scrolls. Have you figured out anyway to increase in-game fps ? May be by overclocking iGPU or something? (BTW my CPU is 10750h)