Nvidia or AMD?


Sep 17, 2011
I had just sold some old graphics cards and now I have a GTX 460 1Gb in my machine.

I would either like to upgrade to either 5xx or 68xx or 69xx or SLI another 460.

I really dont know what would be best?

i suggest you to hold onto your GTX460 and wait the next gen card from both camp next year. is there any game you play makes you unsatisfied with your GTX460 performance? but if you still want to upgrade my suggestion is don't go any lesser than GTX580 for a single card. if your mobo is SLI certified getting another GTX460 is a nice move as well.


Jun 9, 2011
Getting another 460 would be your best bet, there is no reason for you to go out and spend a crapload of money when you would get about the same performance from a 580 as you would get from two 460's. the only time time the 580 would really beat two 460's is if you use more than 8x anti-aliasing and in my opinion, that's not worth spending 500 bucks compered to just spending about 150 for another 460.