Question NVidia P400 - Multi-monitor - Audio signal to each monitor?

May 12, 2019
This is a fringe question, at least I think it is! I have a project to set up multiple (6) TV output screens to a single PC, each with their own separate audio / video stream. I purchased two NVidia P400 cards and set them up in a Dell i5 Windows 10 PC - so far so good.. The videos are run full-screen through a Chrome browser on each of the HDMI TVs. However, when the audio plays, two of the six displays "take over" the primary audio. Makes sense - each graphics card sends the signal out the primary display and the others are support. But that doesn't work in my case - I need each display to have its own separate audio. What is the best way to separate an audio stream out to each HDMI output that comes out of two P400 cards with three miniDP outputs each? Or do I have to completely rethink this project (please, someone just take me outside ant tie me up in the blistering sun if that is the best option)

Thanks for ANY help or suggestions!!!!