Nvidia physx not using GPU

Jul 1, 2018
i got Gtx 1070ti when i play witcher 3 indicator appears “Physx > CPU” but i seected GPU aalso tried auto but in control panel.but it just doesnt appear to be using gpu.
witcher 3 did not use any kind of GPU PhysX. part of the misconception with PhysX was any game based on PhysX have the ability to off load the all physics calculation to CPU. this is not true. only certain effect can be calculated using GPU given developer decided to use such effect. majority of PhysX effect still done on CPU. and starting with PhysX version 3 many effect that only available with GPU PhysX now can be done on CPU (as long as the effect is not extreme) because of multi threaded optimization that has been done on PhysX 3.x.


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