News Nvidia Pushes Premium GeForce RTX 30 Sales With Face Your Demons Bundle

Unfortunately, this bundle is for high-end buyers only. That means purchasing a graphics card or system featuring the RTX 3080 and above.
The cards that really need bundles or rebates are the more mid-range to lower-end models. Many 3080s and above are actually relatively close to their intended MSRPs now, while anything lower seems to still be marked up by around 25-30%, as retailers don't want a take a loss on cards they bought at high prices before the crypto market collapsed.

It's interesting to see this high-end-only GPU promotion from Nvidia and partners, as it hints it's currently hardest to shift these SKUs.
It could also be more that they know these cards will be the soonest to be replaced by new models. Nvidia tends to release higher-end models first, so it's possible that we will see 40-series cards in the $700+ range on the market within a few months or so, while cards in the sub-$500 range will likely take longer, with most probably not launching before the end of the year. So, they're rushing to get existing high-end units sold before the new ones get announced and they become a lot harder to sell near those prices, but there's less rush to move the mid-range models, at least for now. So it's not necessarily that the retailers have less stock of those cards, just that they know they have some additional months to sell them.