Nvidia Quadro 6000 - Buy Retail or OEM


Oct 20, 2008
Hi guys,

I wanted to get your opinion on whether to buy retail or OEM... I want to upgrade the video card in my 3D modeling/animation workstation to a Nvidia Quadro 6000 but my problem is deciding whether or not to buy OEM as opposed to retail. Normally I would just buy retail but with the heavy price of this card ($4000), OEM slashes the cost in half kinda makes it a no brainer but I am still hesitant.

I honestly wouldnt need any bundled software that the retail version might come with but I still have a hard time swallowing the fact that not having any of the extras and packaging that would come with the retail version would cut the price in half. It makes me wonder if there is something wrong with buying OEM in this case.

Please any feedback would be greatly appreciated!!!

Thank you!

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