Question Nvidia resized desktop resolutions cause stutter in all my games

Mar 9, 2019
Hello all!

I have a 1080p TV that has overscan so parts of the desktop are hidden outside the view. To combat this I created a resized desktop resolution (1824 x 1026) in the NV control panel. Trouble is, with desktop scaling turned on, when selecting this scaled resolution in games, they stutter quite badly. In some cases, it's horrendous. Stats show a rock solid 60fps with 16.6 timing. If I disable scaling and revert back to the standard 1920x1080, games run smooth as silk once more. I've tried all the various scaling options in the control panel. eg Tried using the screen and the GPU to do the scaling, as well as the various aspect ratio settings. None of them makes a difference. So reluctantly, I have to use 1080p and accept I will lose some of the screen to overscan.

Does anybody know why desktop scaled resolutions might cause heavy stuttering?

Setup: 2060 RTX, i5 9400f, 16gb DDR4 2666