Question nVidia RTX 2070 - - - 3rd port (DP2) is no longer working ?


Sep 20, 2021
I have an nVidia RTX 2070 that is a couple of years old. Up until recently, I have been using 3 monitors with it with no problems whatsoever.

A couple of days ago, I sent the PC to a tech shop to get the AIO and casing fan replaced.

When I got the PC back to my house, I found that the #2 DP port either does not work anymore or behaves erratically.

The RTX 2070 card has 4 ports. There is a USB-C port that I don't use. Then there are, in order, DP1, HDMI, DP2 (from right to left).

DP1 and HDMI both work fine until DP2 is plugged in. When that happens, all three screens will flicker erratically, and one of three things could happen.

a) all three monitors work temporarily, but the moment I even so much as touch the DP2 connection, the three screens will flicker and one of the below will happen.

b) DP1 and HDMI work, DP2 stays off.

c) DP1 and HDMI work, DP2 comes on and off a few times, then stays off.

DP1 and HDMI are thus working fine, unless I plug in DP2, at which point, one of the above 3 options will happen, and DP1 and HDMI will flicker a few times (but stay working afterwards).

Does anyone know what might be going on? The card never had a problem with 3 or even 4 monitors before (I briefly used a 4th monitor at one point).