Jun 12, 2012
So I have a Win7 PC with a EVGA 560 Ti Classified Ultra 448 cores video card, hooked up via HDMI to a Sony KDL-55EX505 TV. It works fine at 1080p resolution, 32-bit color but the refresh rate options I am getting are limited to a max of 60Hz (23-60) from the Nvidia control panel. The TV claims to have a 120Hz refresh rate. When I play games, I also note that frame rates do not go past 60fps on games regardless of in game graphics settings. So what is going on? Is the 120Hz feature a bogus claim by Sony or is there some sort of compatibility issue I should be aware of?
I would say that the 120hz claim by sony is saying that it is a 3D tv which in turn is different then a 3D monitor I can't say for certain but that is what I would guess. Also, you run into things on a TV monitor they have larger pixels and a slower response time also tv monitors are pushing normally for better picture where as computer monitors are more optimized for faster action so that may be where you see a loss in performance you also may want to check if you have vsync turned on because that may be causing you to hit the ceiling of 60 FPS.