Nvidia suffers two-percent yield on GT300

OK to me this chip for a 40nm with such a yield rate this thing must be around 600mm2+. I bet a fully fledged card will most likely cost $500-$750 to make up for cost with a non-existent profit margin. So I conclude that Nvidia like Sony before the shrinks will be losing money with each chip even after sale so prices in the low to mid range are not going to adjust much after considering poor market and competition from ATI.
I have no doubt that nVidia designed a god awful, complex, gigantic, needs it's own power plant GPU that is sure to beat the 5870. Of course how many of them they can make and if it can actually compete with the price point of the 5870 is yet to be seen. Of course since I haven't heard of the G300 launching any time soon I'm sure the 5800 series will enjoy some time at the top.


Sep 30, 2009

pffft, hardly.
First of its the first Cgpu, that means it is actually more like a second cpu than anything out there.

Second, the 5800 will hardly be sitting on the throne for any significant amount of time. Theyre looking at late october to new year for the release of the GT 300, 3 months max youd be sitting on the throne.

the 200 has been dominating for almost the past two years. And the 5870 is from what ive heard only as good as two 275's, while the GT300 is around 425% superior to the 200 series.

That means roguhly twice as good as the 5870, ati's got some incredible lag distance between it and nvidia.