Nvidia Surround - Triple monitor crash

Jan 14, 2019
Hi all,

I have a gtx 950 with 3 identical monitors. When using the 3 monitors normally, my system is good, however when enabling Nvidia surround my system “crashes” in that the monitors go black, HDDs soon down, but power is on, fans are whirring away etc.

2 screens, all works great, and I tried with an odd (smaller) middle screen and all works fine in the triple set up. Tried different ports, different monitor config (in case one is fault) however I can enable triple screen with any of the monitors that crash the system when all used together.

I have completely reinstalled Nvidia drivers etc, checked resolutions are the same and refresh rates and all that, but for some reason the 3 marching screens cause the system to freeze. I have teamviewer installed and the systems drops off the network too.
Any thoughts? Coz I’m stumped!