Question Nvidia to AMD swap

Dec 22, 2020
I'm pretty literate with computers but my first GPU swap. Did everything wrong.

Changed the card first without driver updates. So I went back & forth with them about 10 times. Finally got the original one to boot after thinking I fried the MB...

I installed the RX570 drivers, got an error - but the YouTube video I was watching said that was to be expected and just right click on the .inf files & manually install. So I did. They finished. System said to reboot. I did.

I then uninstalled my Nvdia drivers from the old GPU. Did another shut down & swapped cards AGAIN. I am still getting a blank screen. I swore it would be because I had both drivers. I am out of ideas. I tried pressing F8 etc to get into DOS but it won't respond. I can see the Gigabyte lit up on the GPU so I know it's got power etc. The monitor is hooked up because I can see the feed etc.

I'm scared to go back to my old GPU because now I have zero drivers. The store wants to charge me $70 bucks for what should be a simple thing. I know I'll never change companies on GPUs again with the same system! Any ideas on what it could be? My MB is compatible - I've checked that.

I'm guessing it's either the bios setup (which I can't reach anyway) or the way the drivers are setup... But I literally installed them from the official site. Smh here guys.


Motherboard ASRock FM2A68M-DG3+
Processor: A6-6400K APU
Graphics Card: Nvidia GT 740

New card Gigabyte RX 570


You could clean all the mess with DDU

Download the latest drivers for the RX 570
Download DDU
If you haven't, install the RX 570 into the system.
-Boot into Safe Mode.
-Run DDU (to wipe all the drivers from your system).
-Select Nvidia
-Click the 'Clean and DO NOT restart' button and let DDU clean all Nvidia GPU drivers.
-Select AMD
-Click the 'Clean and DO NOT restart' button and let DDU clean all AMD GPU drivers.
-Select Intel
-Click the 'Clean and restart' button and let DDU clean all Intel GPU drivers (might not be required, but it is best to clean all).

The system reboots, wait for Windows to install VGA drivers.
Install the latest drivers for the RX 570.
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