Nvidia vs AMD Driver Updates/Reliability?


Oct 10, 2008
Simply put I want to know how good AMD has become in terms of reliable updates/bug fixes compared to Nvidia on their GPU drivers. I haven't used a AMD/ATI card in 12 years after a massive issue with ATI that left a sour taste in my mouth. However I have a good deal on a 7970 possibly coming my way so I'm tempted now.

I would also appreciate arguments to stick with Nvidia over ATI as well, just stick to information and try not to go to war over this subject :)

Just curious what some of you guys noticed/read/know about the current situation, thank you..


Mar 9, 2013
If you have really good deal for 7970 there is no argument that could blow you away from it.

Don't take prejudices in computer world. Every manufacturer will have bad days but that does not mean that they are bad :)
12 years is a long time, and that is when Ati was pretty dominant over Nvidia series with their 9000 series cards.

There is no modern video card that has not had some issues.. google and you'll find a ton of posts for every model.

I'm mercedes type of guy. If someone gives me brand new BMW 730i with 30% disccount i would not think a second to take it over mercedes.

If you need it, buy it. I would go for that :)

You sometimes have issues with beta drivers, but it is extremely rare to have an issue with WHQL drivers from Nvidia. AMD drivers a year ago, when I stopped using them, were mostly ok, though I did have to pick and choose drivers, even the WHQL drivers, however, they have changed from a required month to month release schedule, to a release when they are ready schedule recently. They probably fixed some of those issues, though beta drivers are going to have problems from time to time, after all they are beta for a reason.

Now in crossfire, AMD has some serious work on their hands, as was brought to light recently. http://www.tomshardware.com/reviews/graphics-card-benchmarking-frame-rate,3466.html#BOM_comments

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