Nvidia's 2020 GPUs Will Reportedly Use Samsung’s 7nm EUV Process


So Nvidia would skip the normal 7nm... Sounds sensible to them!
AMD 7nm is not here yet, so Nvidia can skip that prosess and save money by going directly to next version.
I will be curious what Nvidia's plans are after January 9th when AMD announces at CES whatever they are doing this year. It may not change but depending on what AMD is planning I sure could see them making a straight 7nm die shrink of the 20xx series for 2019 or not. I wouldn't be surprised if Nvidia have people working on that already with the possibility of dumping the idea before tape in/outs so its mostly down to wasted man hours.


Jul 14, 2009

It's already known what they will do. Release a 2060RTX/GTX and continue down the stack. What's more intriguing is if they plan to release anything highend this year. It's not practical to make chips any bigger on the current process, and the RTX Titan is the full chip, so there is nothing in the portfolio for Nvida to just drop on the market. With the luke warm reception to the RTX release, I can't see Nvidia releasing nothing better in 2019 and letting the bad press linger for a whole year. RTX would really benefit from 7nm. There's nothing wrong with the technology, it just needs more hp to make it go, and 7nm will allow for significant core count increase.

Yeah I meant the unknown. The known stuff is the borning normal every day continue to release the lower end products. The unknown like like when 7nm will come from Nvidia or if Nvidia will have large price cuts etc. They are not nailing that down with a date at all for 7nm. I highly suspect they are gearing up to do it sooner if they need to or hold off if they feel they don't. My bet is if Navi starts eating into the low to mid range sales we will see a straight 7nm die shrink of the 20xx RTX GPU's end of 2019.