News Nvidia's DLSS Reaches VR With "No Man's Sky" and Two Other Titles

I can wholeheartedly agree to this, yes.

The best use case is VR, more so than "pretty reflections at playable framerate". While current methods for upscaling in VR work well, I'm willing to say DLSS would provide way better image quality at the same performance level.

I'm so suprised nVidia hasn't really tried to market it towards VR much, if at all.

Anyway, too bad it's a proprietary thing I can't use with AMD. For VR specifically, I'll still take AMD over nVidia due to VRAM capacity and just better overall performance per watt this generation for raster.



Oct 30, 2009
Now we just need all the VR devs to start adopting this into their titles. SMS studios are you paying attention? Project Cars 4 with DLSS 2.1 in VR please!
...both of which are critical to games played on a pair of displays held mere inches away from the player's eyeballs.
The actual physical distance of the screens from one's eyes isn't relevant in itself, since the lenses effectively make those screens appear as if they were much larger screens positioned a couple meters or so away. What matters is that the image is stretched across a relatively wide field of view, making pixels appear larger, and the image follows the position of one's head, so low frame rates tend to cause more discomfort.