Nvidia's G-Sync Updates: Windowed Mode, Notebook Implementation, New Displays

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Mar 25, 2015
yeah, 75hz seems like a reasonable request (of course I'm not an engineer, so I wouldn't know for sure). I would take that as well.
Very interesting, Gsync is a MUST for laptops with 3k displays, since the GPUs inside them normally will never maintain 60fps at good settings.

However though, the article was a tad confusing. You were talking about notebook displays then all of a suddenly started talking about the display problems and fixes. Does this apply to both desktop AND laptop displays?


Sep 20, 2012

No problem, AMD will happily sell you a 2nd best option with problems (like ghosting talked about here) they still need to work out. For a premium experience that actually FIXES the issues the device was built for, I'll gladly pay the $200 as I live with my monitor for 5-7yrs. And as AMD said themselves here (and elsewhere) they don't control QUALITY part picks so you end up with trash rev1 monitors. Though they did hint they'd try to help vendors pick better parts next time to improve the experience...LOL. Nice. That is the price you pay when YOU put your tech in other people's hands right? Hence the reason NV did it themselves (more control over quality with the module made by them).

I don't see a $200 premium between things yet anyway, especially since they don't solve the problems they were intended to for any premium over older models (meaning non gsync or freesync ones). I think we're seeing monitor makers take what they can get from any premium product, as we know the module doesn't cost $200 itself. Having said that I think both sides will come down some by xmas as usual when there is actual competition to force it. I haven't seen a monitor on either side I want yet, but if forced I'd buy gsync today.

Plus, that's a lot of juice to run 4k at 144hz. Probably 3x titan X/980 tis or twin GTX TITAN Zs. Unless you only play CSGO or portal 2 lol.
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