NVidias new cards?

This doesnt look too good
"It should seem pretty obvious now that neither the GeForce 210 or the GeForce GT 220 are going to win any awards for performance. Not only that, but both of these cards are woefully underpowered when compared to AMD's previous generation Radeon HD 4670 graphics card that sells for LESS than the GT 220. NVIDIA is making a conscious decision here to not compete on the performance front as it seems obvious that they could make a faster chip (higher clocks, more shaders) and at least match the 4500/4600-series cards in our modest gaming tests. Instead they are pushing other aspects of their graphics technology in hopes to persued buyers. "
"While we can't fault Galaxy for this at all, the new GeForce 210s and GT 220s have a hard time standing up against the almost exactly one-year-old Radeon HD 4670 card. The gaming performance of the AMD option just blows away NVIDIA's new parts and the added benefit of CUDA-support is really the only outstanding feature that might tempt us into picking up an NVIDIA offering. "

Do they really think CUDA is worth so much?




Jul 2, 2006
This seems to be Nvidia wiping the slate clean and starting over. Stop the financial bleeding of making the 2xx series of cards, offer something for now (even though they are sub-par at best) and concentrate on the next gen stuff. It's obvious through numerous news stories, that Nvidia really, really needs to do some concentrating. I'm no Nvidia fan, but I'm really hoping they make a good, competetive DX11 product.

Or they're clearing out the closet and walking away, just a thought.


Jan 3, 2007

Sounds about right, Nvidia needed replacement for their ultra performance part 9500GT :D I'm still curious who will buy GT210/220/240, those cards are slower than cheaper last gens cards, also R5600/5700 series on their way, who will make older cards obsolete anyway. Nvidia is talking about OEM's, but no OEM in their right mind would buy those cards either.