Nvidia's next GPU


Apr 2, 2015
Hi ive been using the nvidia 770 gtx card which ive had for over 2years now and still running great. ive mist the 8&900 serie cards so i wanna no if you guys can tell me when the next series of nvidia card are due out as im looking on getting the new skylake chip aswell thanks


Nvidia skipped the 800 desktop series, so that their dekstop and laptop line would both be in the 900 series.

It will take a really long time for nvidia to release their next series of graphics cards. You might aswell buy a 900 series card or wait a REALLY long time. That 770 still does fine i guess so i'd wait that time. And if you go to build that new PC you could buy a 900 series card, or use your 770 for some time.
AFAIK 800 series only for laptop OEM. it has something to do with nvidia does not want to mix Maxwell first generation and second generation under one series hence they come up with 900 series for all Maxwell v2. Next series would be Pascal that supposed to come out in 2016. But it will depend a lot how well TSMC can be ready with their 16nm node. Maxwell was supposed to arrive with TSMC 20nm but that did not happen. Right now both AMD and nvidia already push 28nm node to the limits.