nvlddmkm display driver


Nov 2, 2007
I would like people to be aware of the following thread, which has now been stopped with over 2250 posts lasting from 16th jan 2007 to 15th august 2007;


I anyone knows how to solve this driver issue it would be greatly appreciated by the people on this thread and me. My graphics card is a 7900GS, i have contacted nvidia several times but still no solution. The above thread has been stopped.



Mar 9, 2006
There is no one solution. Having the display driver stop is a problem with Nvidia, ATI and Intel graphics drivers. The difference with Vista vs. XP is that it does not crash the entire OS and reboot the system.

The problem could be the application or the driver. Here are a couple of personal examples that I would not immediately point my finger at Nvidia.

1. When playing a punkbuster enabled game (BF2, Quake Wars) online after 10min to 1 hour the display driver stops. This condition is reproduced only when playing online and after Punkbuster loads it's extra background processes, begins it's very aggressive disc scanning and uses up all of of my ram. I can run these games forever on LAN or single player without the driver crash. Nvidia's problem? Punkbuster's problem? Vista's problem? I don't know for sure but I would point my finger at Punkbuster.

2. Crysis demo ran for hours with no driver crashing. Downloaded a modified file yesterday that brings all the games weapons and vehicles into the demo. I didn't see it happen but my son was playing it and engaged a tank with a tank and the display driver stopped. Who to blame now. This time I would point my finger at myself for using a modified file on the demo.

Looking for a single solution for a "Display driver nvlddmkm stopped responding, but has succesfully recovered", would be like asking for a single fix for "my engine stalls".



Nov 7, 2006
Yeah, I've went through this too. I've had Vista since about February and it worked fine. Then since about June/July, I started getting that error constantly. In games, or just having my computer idling for half a day or so. I read tons of different "fixes", but none of them worked. I tried out the 169.01 drivers and I would still get it, but not as much. Now I am running the 169.04 drivers and I only get the error here and there or maybe not even get it. This may work for some, but not others is what I've seen. I would get this in Bioshock after playing for, something 45 seconds. I fired it up last night and I was able to play for a while before it happened once. So I am liking these newest beta drivers so far. A lot less headaches.


Jul 31, 2009
Hello I also had this problem and I did fix it.
I don't rememeber the exact link or anything but all I did was download a patch and I have never had problems again.
That was on a Compaq Laptop running Vista Ultimate. I now have a Dell Running Vista Premium and am going to see if the patch still works then I will post the link.