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Question NVME 970 EVO PLUS 100% Usage @ Games (And Freezing the PC)


Oct 23, 2014
So guys... This is it. My PC is freezing while gaming. First, I thought it was the GPU. But the GPU is 100% ok. Then, I started to check the disk usage and everytime I'm playing a DX12 game (BF5, Grid 2019) the game will freeze after a few minutes playing it, cause the disk will go to 100% usage outta nowhere. When I play BF5 from my Seagate HDD, it doesn't. The game runs flawlessly. So, what is it going on? Is this a problem w/ temperature? RMA? M.2. Slot?

Addtional Info:
Windows version: 1909 (clean fresh install from yesterday update), the same would happen w/ my old 1607 as well.
Latest NVIDIA Driver;
The problem doesn't happen when using the PC for other stuff, only games;
CS:GO and LoL running fine (DX9);
Haven't tried any other games cuz' everything stays on my HDD;
Latest firmware and driver from samsung magician;

I don't know guys, I'm really sad. That ** isn't cheap on Canada, US and specially for me who lives in south america. ** my life.

So, suggestions?