Question NVMe controller itself running hotter than ssd


Apr 11, 2019
My asus g15 (2022) ga503-rm laptop SSD controller running hot it seems, have to make sure my laptop runs okay, as its reported by hwinfo64. Controller is 65c-75c when gaming and SSD lower than that in temps. Idle is around 58c. Is these normal temps? Thanks
If this is a higher-end NVMe drive, then I would expect the controller to run a little hot, especially if it's more or less bare.

There are copper shims you can buy to spread the heat around, but whether one of those will work depends on the clearance you have left inside the laptop.
I think that is normal.

HWInfo detects 3 different temps on my recently purchased NVMe installed in a desktop.

At idle, they are something like 36, 56, and 30. The hotter one is said to be the controller.

Under a heavy load, they might be 52, 73, and 47.

All of this without a heatsink, room temps maybe 70 F.

Not sure exactly where the other 2 sensors are.