Question NVME drive is randomly disappearing at boot ?


Jan 13, 2008
I'm not sure if I should post this in "Motherboards" instead so I apologize if this is the wrong section.
Anyways, I have:
  • Adata SX7000NP 128Gb NVME M.2 boot drive
  • Gigabyte AB350-Gaming mainboard (B350 chipset, latest F50d BIOS)
  • Ryzen 5 2400G ( -> being a "G" CPU it limits the drive's speed to PCI-E Gen3 X4)
  • a WD Blue 1Tb SATA SSD and a SATA DVD drive: these two are hooked to SATA ports 2 & 3, as having an M.2 drive disables ports 0 & 1.
All the above parts (except the WD Blue which is only a few months old having replaced a mechanical HDD) have been working fine for 3 years now.

However, sometimes the Adata M.2 drive just vanishes at boot from the system and I'm presented with a "no boot media found" error: if I go to see the BIOS boot settings, the drive just isn't there. But nne or two reboots later, it magically reappears and everything works perfectly fine.

This happens only after rebooting or turning the PC on and I never experienced any kind of OS crashes or freezes. It can happen a few times in a row or once in a year, it's the very definition of "random". According to the Adata SSD Toolbox, the drive itself seems to have no issues at all.

Any clue about what could be causing this weird behaviour?