Question NVME keeps showing up as an removable drive


Feb 19, 2014
I recently finished building my PC. The only issue that I'm facing is that my pc keeps viewing one of my NVME as a removable drive. I'm using a SN770 as my boot drive and the SN570 as my game drive. The problem is with my SN570 drive.

Windows Ver 22H2 (19045.2604)
Computer Type: PC/Desktop
OS: Windows 10 Pro
CPU: AMD 5 7600
Motherboard: MSI B650M MAG MORTAR WIFI
Graphics Card: 6800xt
Hard Drives: SN770/SN570

IDE ATA/ATAPI Controllers:
Standard Sata AHCI Controller

Storage Controllers:
Microsoft Storage Spaces Controller
Standard NVM Express Controller

When I was building my PC, I installed both NVMEs along with an expansion card with my old nvme card (to transfer old files over). The expansion card was inserted into my GPU pcie 16x slot (my GPU hasn't arrived at the time). Not sure if that information is of any use.

I have tried installing windows to see if anything went wrong during the windows install. I tried checking the hotswap/hot plugin but in the BIOS I only saw sata 1-4 disabled while my SN770 and SN570 doesn't have enabled or disabled next to it and there's no option to edit it. I don't think this is the problem since my SN770 doesn't appear as a removable drive only my game drive (sn570). When I check the properties of my SN570 drive, there's a panel that mentions quick removal policies while my SN770 doesn't have that information appearing when I check its properties. I've also tried editing the regedit with its bus # treating it as an internal port but nothing has worked.

Would greatly appreciate it if anyone can help.


Did you manually install the chipset driver in an elevated command, i.e, Right button installer>Run as Administrator? As for your motherboard, what BIOS version are you working with at this moment of time?

By reinstalling, did you recreate the installer for the OS, to rule out a corrupt installer?