Question NVMe m.2 (on a PCI adapter card) not found by windows

Aug 16, 2019
My win10 computer cannot seem to "see" the recently added NVMe m.2 SSD i have added.

I recently added a samsung 970 EVOplus 1TB NVMe SSD to my MSI Z97-G45 motherboard.

It does not have an M.2 port, so i used a NVMe M.2 - 16 PCI expansion card adapter and put it into the 2nd available 16 PCI port from the top. fits like a glove.

I installed the Samsung_NVM_Express_Driver_3.1 from the website along with samsung magician.

at first I could see the drive in the disk manager as unallocated and uninitialized, however trying to initialize it failed.
the error read something like : "There is not enough space on the drive to complete this operation"

after that, any attempt to open disk manager or samsung magician lead to an infinite "scanning for drive information" loop.

I can see the drive in the bios, although not in a meaningful way, only on the boot priority order, correctly named.

is there an inherent incompatibility I cannot see?

UPDATE: The drive is now visible in device manager, but even clicking on it causes the window to stop responding.
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