[SOLVED] NVMe Not Recognised when SSD Removed

Feb 6, 2022
Bought an NVMe SSD and installed it on my pc which initially had a SSD. While i had my windows installation on the SSD, i installed win10 on the NVMe aswell so i can easily transfer key files from one disk to the other. Ive been using my NVMe win10 installation for over a month now and decided to remove my SSD from the pc yesterday. After removing the SSD i realised that my pc no longer recognised the NVMe and the win10 installation on it. I would get the black screen telling me to insert a boot drive each time. Only after reinstalling the SSD did my NVMe start appearing again.

The image i linked below shows Disk 0 and 1;
Disk 0 - SSD initial win10 installation
Disk 1 - NVMe newest win10 installation

Disk 0 has more partitions than Disk 1 for some reason so that might be the problem. Im assuming some key boot files are on my SSD for some reason but i dont know how to fix this problem without clean installing win10 on my NVMe again.
Any advice is appreciated. Thank you.

image of disks


Welcome to the forums, newcomer!

You've generically stated your SSD's. You're advised to list the specs to your build(and it's innards) like so:

You will also need to mention the version(not edition) of your OS. If you've cloned the OS onto the new SSD, you might want to format the prior SSD with OS on it but from the looks of things, I think you might need to reinstall the OS. As for your build, what BIOS version are you on for your platform?

You should've cloned the OS on the older SSD onto the new SSD and then made sure that the NVMe drive with the cloned OS was working perfectly, while the former SSD was disconnected.
Feb 6, 2022
Doing the install with the old SSD still connected resulted in the boot partition for this new install simply being merged with the original boot partition of the old OS.
On Disk 0.

Remove that drive, and no boot for you.
This makes a lot of sense and seems most likely to be the issue. Is there any way to move this "boot partition" to the NVMe without deleting any data?