Question Nvme sata SSD, which is my bootable disk, not recognized by bios

Jun 16, 2022
So, I have a nvme sata SSD from WD that suddenly disappeared from my machine. Not even BIOS can see it. It's my bootable disk, but i managed to connect an external boot disk and in Windows only shows as a Unknown Decide in Device Manager. Whey I was trying to check BIOS settings ir appeared there for 2 Times only, but then I rebooted and didn't show anymore. Where I AM its a holiday, but tomorrow I'll try to check if with an enclosure connected to USB port i can at least copy some files or even clone the entre disk. What else do you suggest me to do?
OBS: i don't have any backups of this disk.

Thanks for your attention!


What else do you suggest me to do?
RMA your SSD.

i don't have any backups of this disk.
Prior to RMA, might want to contact data recovery firm and pay for data recovery.


How i know your SSD is toast?
Well, i had Samsung 970 Evo Plus (2TB) die on me, within less that 30 days of usage from purchase date. With the very same symptoms as yours; drive was fine, until at one point, PC was unable to see the drive. Nor in Win or BIOS. Completely gone. Did even try 2nd M.2 slot on my MoBo, to see if it's M.2 slot issue and still no dice. My old OS drive, Samsung 960 Evo (500GB) worked fine on 2nd M.2 slot, but not my new OS drive. So, my drive was toast.

Ended up RMA'ing it and got a replacement. Replacement works fine and has been for 3 months now. Oh, temp diff was also 14C. The initial drive, on idle, was 55C while the replacement drive, on idle is at 41C. So, i guess there was something wrong internally with my M.2 NVMe SSD.