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Question Nvme Slot behind RTX 2070s on Gigabyte B450 Gaming X mobo

Jul 10, 2020
I have a RTX 2070s gpu on a Gigabyte B450 Gaming X mobo. I want to install a Samsung 970 Evo plus on the nvme slot but it’s located behind the GPU. Can I install the nvme simply by unscrewing the GPU? Or is the RTX just too big to install the m2 ?
(PC newbie here :/)
Thank you !
Jul 13, 2020
If you're still wondering; yes! You can just take the GPU out and put it back in after you're finished putting the M.2 in. Just make sure that the switch on the back is off and the computer is unplugged. If you don't have any ESD tools, like an armband or mat, you can ground yourself (get rid of static electricity that might fry any circuits) by rubbing one of the grounding contacts in an electrical outlet a few times. For extra safety, touch the outer metal part of the case while handling the insides, and don't wear socks if you're operating on a carpet.

Make sure the GPU is unplugged from any monitors before removing it, as well as any cables going into the GPU on the inside of the computer. Be careful to not break the little piece of plastic that keeps the GPU from falling out of the slot.

I'd be glad to answer any further concerns!