Question NVMe SSD caps at 1800 mbps on 2017 ASUS laptop ?


Jan 23, 2020
I am still running my 2017 laptop currently and something still puzzles me in regards to the nvme data speed. The machine runs an intel 100 series chipset.

I have a feeling its the Q170 chipset, because the 8 GT/S busspeed reference is found in HWINFO64.

Plus if I load hwinfo64 it tells me that the M2 port is full pcie x 3.0 x4

Same is shown in Crystal Disk Mark Info View:

I have updated all the latest drivers, firmware on the machine etc. But the OEM Samsung NVME driver never exceeds 1800 mbps in read and never goes over 1600 mbps. Don't know which bus the drive runs I can't engage SATA/AHCI in bios. Because the machine an UX490UA was apprently sold with an standard SATA SSD drive, but my machine only came with the NVME. I have opened the machine and exchanged the drive for 970 evo plus, but it also caps at 1800/1600.

Anyone familier with the Q170 chipset? Or my machine? And know that there is a buildin limit on the PCIE 3 x 4 port? I even tried to disable wifi/bluetooth to see if it took 50% of pcie bus. But no change.