Question nvme ssd with pcie x1 (installing os)

Sep 8, 2019
hi guys
i want to ask, can i install windows 10 64 bit on nvme ssd ( it is plugged on pcie x1 nvme) ?
i have old motherboard : ga-h61m-ds2 rev 4 (with the latest bios for its product, it's 2014 bios)
it supports uefi

it doesnt show up in bios, but it shows up in windows installer
and it shows up in file explorer as normal storage

when i installed in legacy mode, there was a warning, it's like"this hardware doesnt support, ensure disk controller is enable" ( i think u know what it is)
i can ignore the warning and install windows 10 till it completes
but it crashes everytime it wants to boot

so installed in uefi mode, i didnt see the warning anymore
it's installed completely, but it doesnt show up in bios and cant boot

i changed everything in bios, it still cant boot and doesnt show up
if i set to windows 8 and 8 whql "csm" shows up, but enabled and disabled it, still cant help

i also followed this
but still cant help

here, some photos:
boot mode
sub menu
storage boot option
other pci device rom
windows 8 feature
sata controller
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