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Question NVME4 SSD drives w/ heatsink didnt fit so I removed it, is that okay?.

Jun 9, 2020
Hey there. First time builder here...

I recently got an Asrock X570 Taichi mobo so I could take advantage of the speedy hardrive capabilities of the m.2 NVME 4 SSD.2 / PCIE 4 situation.

The issue I have run into is that the NVME drives I bought have a thick heatsink on them (Inland Performance 1TB NAND m.2...) and they don't fit under the built in heatsink/RGB shroud that is part of the mobo and sits on top of M.2 slots. The clearance between the m.2 slot and the mobo heatsink is about 1/8" of an inch and above each m.2 slot there's thermal tape pre-applied to the underside of the mobo heatsink.

(Mobo heatsink thermal tape for m.2 slots: https//imgur.com/jwI5Ao8 )

(NMVE drive w/ heatsink popped off:
View: https://imgur.com/a/R0b2CtG

So it seems like removing the NVME drive heatsinks was the right move, but I just haven't been able to find any confirmation or mention of removing harddrive heatsinks in any of the reviews/youtube/forums... Lots of gripes/mentions of the mobo heatsink being an inconvenience for accessing drives and that the onboard fan is loud...
But nothing on the NVME heatsink issue.

The other thing is that if I were to keep the drive heatsinks and remove the mobo heatsink/shroud thing - the height of the NVME drive heatsinks would prevent me from installing my GPU without a PCIE extension cord/band thing and doing a vertical mount situation.

+ Also, it seems like the mobo heatsink (which has branding and RGB on it) is hardwired to the board, the wire didn't seem to want to unplug when I tried, although I could be wrong about that part.

Are my drives going to be okay without the heatsinks they came with?

Will the mobo heatsink + fan situation actually work better than the harddrive heatsinks since it's thicker and wider and fan cooled?

Anyone have thoughts?