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Question NZXT AER RGB 120 vs Pure Wings 2 120


May 2, 2019
Hi guys,

I was wondering if i should upgrade to these NZXT fans since I'm getting a front panel mesh for my phanteks p400 case. Can anyone tell any pros or cons with these fans and should i go for the upgrade to NZXT fans.

Thank you.


The AER RGB fans will have slightly better static pressure, which is desirable for an intake fan, plus they have RGB.

The Pure wings 2 120 has slightly less static pressure, but a higher overall CFM and are a quieter fan, but no RGB.

If performance is more important than looks, then the Pure wings are probably the better choice, and should be quieter too. Otherwise, if looks are the bigger priority, then the AER fans are going to look better but you need to make sure that you even have the right kind of controller for the type of RGB on those fans which are going to require a Hue+ unit according to the NZXT product page. If you don't want to have to purchase an NZXT Hue+ as well, to unlock the full lighting features, then it's best to avoid those fans.

There are other, better options anyhow. The Fractal design Prisma fans have good static pressure, good CFM, decent noise levels and are compatible with any 5v addressable RGB controller.
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