NZXT Announces Phantom 630 Windowed Edition Case

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The Phantom 630 is an awesome case. I transferred the guts of my gaming machine into it. Removable 3.5" drive bays with 3-bay, 2-bay, 1-bay drive trays with any combo of configurations (up to 6 3.5s in these bays!). I was able to remove the 3-bay and 1-bay and just hook the 2-bay under the 5.25" bays for maximum uninhibited airflow from the front panel 200mm intake fan. Also, two SSD mounts on the other side of the motherboard tray hold my Intels. SSDs don't need to take up a 3.5" drive bay. They've included dust screens for the fans. There's a 120/140 fan mount on the 3-bay.

Also, put my H80 push-pull in the front-top fan mount without having to remove the top 200mm fan.

You can't help but manage your cables with this case.

Only the PCIe brackets and mounting the SSDs to their mounting trays require a screwdriver. The rest is tool free.

This is the easiest case I've ever put parts into. Well thought out. Dust screens for the fans. Well-built. As you can tell, I could go on and on about it. It's made me an NZXT fan.

The only thing I'd miss with the windowed edition is the extra mount for the 200mm fan on the side over the graphics cards, but the fuller window looks pretty cool.


Oct 18, 2012
NZXT makes some pretty damn good cases.. and at reasonable price points. I've had the original Phantom (white) for 3 years and it's been through two builds. I still can't find a case that I'd rather have so I just keep using it. However, this one with a nice window is starting to lure me in. Beautiful case.
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