News NZXT Enters Thermal Paste Market Touting High Performance and 6.3 W/Mk


More necessary(?) options... the most important factors IMO, are viscosity(cpu/gpu applications) and price per gram.
An older TH article about thermal paste performance here. 'Huge' difference between the best and worst reputable brands...
Apr 1, 2020
The "problem" is that you can get Arctic MX-5 for about $9, MX-4 for about $6, and Silver 5 for about $5. All three of those I'd consider a base standard for a TIM. They're not electrically conductive, high quality, high performance, viscous enough to use on both CPUs and GPUs, and inexpensive. When the thermal difference is measured in less than 5°C, it'd be difficult for me to recommend paying 50%, or more, more.
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