Review NZXT H1 V2 Review: More Space, Power and Cooling

I have the Hyte Revolt 3. It's awesome, the handle on top should not be overlooked. I bought the case specifically for the handle so I could move my PC back and forth to my sim rig. Also, being able to install a 280mm AIO cooler Corsair H115i makes it a very quiet case when not overclocking.

This NZXT seems overpriced. If you want to make a showpiece and are extremely limited on desk space, I guess it's fine but very niche. If you need something portable, the HYTE Revolt 3 is the way to go.


Mar 7, 2014
"And even with the power supply problem and the H1’s history aside, $400 is a lot to ask given you can pick up 750W SFX PSUs from Lian Li or EVGA for as little as $120. And while 140 mm AIO coolers are hard to come by, you can get quality 120 mm or 240 mm models for around $100, which leaves you paying about $280 for the case alone.
Granted, there is some value to be had, especially for novice builders, in the fact that NXZT ships the H1 with the power supply and cooler pre-installed and the cables neatly routed. But the Hyte Revolt 3 comes with a 700W SFX PSU, is a similar size and shape as the H1, currently sells for just $200–and that case has a handle, which can come in handy for both moving the system around or just lifting it to plug something in at the bottom. You’ll have to provide your own cooler with the Hyte, but we’re sure you can afford that given the $300 difference between the two cases."

Heh. Today I learned that $400 - $200 = $300.


Apr 4, 2011
Math is hard, yeah?

$400-$120-$100 = $280? Try $180 for the case alone.

And the Revolt 3 is $250 on Hyte's website. It also lacks a 140mm AIO. So, $400-$250-$120 = $30 difference.

Tomshardware, you've done goof again.
Hyte revolt 3 regularly goes on sale for $200, it was even $170 a few weeks ago. The NZXT comes with a 120mm AIO, thats not good enough for me, I prefer a 240 at minimum, otherwise I would just use air cooling. So I would throw that included cooler out anyways.
Feb 14, 2022
Maybe do some proofreading with a calculator? 400case - 120psu - 100aio = 180. Granted, it's still a lot for a case of which the first iteration could potentially set your house on fire, but since NZXT was burned hard for that and trying to redeem itself, perhaps we should judge reviewers like you, to REVIEW a product properly and proofread your content or outsource the math to my 6 yr old daughter. If you're gonna be tough on someone else, apply that same courtesy to yourself