Mar 21, 2020
Hello, finally joining the forum!

I'll list my parts below for reference. I recently gave my PC to a friend who has down on his luck and have recently built a new rig. I'm trying to be more adventurous so I've encountered some stuff I don't know much about.

Normally I'd try to test this kind of stuff, but Noctua fans are not exactly cheap so I would rather have some information before I pull the trigger. I already own 2 Noctua NF-A12x15 slim fans and 1 Noctua NF-F12 2000 RPM fan. Due to the length of my GPU, I'm unable to do push-pull with standard sized fans in this case. My question would be, would I benefit from 4 NF-A12x15 slim fans in push-pull, or just 2 of the NF-F12 fans in either push or pull? I would obviously have to either buy 2 more slim fans or 1 more of the high RPM fans.

My ultimate goal is reduction of noise. I don't have any thermal throttling on my CPU or GPU. These 3rd Gen Ryzen chips sure do seem to get toasty.

Thanks so much guys!

NZXT H200i
Cooler Master MasterLiquid ML240R
Ryzen 5 3600


Jun 7, 2016
Hi! just to give my two cents on this topic... if you're just going for noise reduction I think the 2 fans would yield less noise and on pull configuration so the fan noise are dampened by being inside the case.

I'm fairly new to AIO's I just bought one recently. After some testing and research, pull/push config was just the most beneficial for my temps with Ryzen 5 3600, but since your goal is noise reduction you'll be fine with just two fans on pull config. An added bonus with pull config would be it's easier to clean dust from it than a push config.

I hope this helps!