Question NZXT Kraken x63 not recognized! Help!


Dec 19, 2016
Ok im struggling with this one. I have an nzxt kraken x63. got it for christmas. its beautiful. I originally got an EVGA clc 280 but the radiator didnt fit in my h510 case.

I connected everything correctly and the cooler was not detected in CAM software, no pump rpm showing in my Asrock Mobo tuning sofware, no RGB turning on with computer power. Contacted NZXT and they sent me new cords. Tried them again, and nothing. I ended up getting it to work using my own external micro usb cable, wrapped around to the back of the motherboard into a normal USB slot. RGB and pump came on with computer power and was full recognized in CAM. This gave me full control of the kraken RGB, pump settings, and rgb control for the AER fans that are daisy chained to the kraken rgb cord. This is not a permanent fix as I cannot close my case. I cant figure out how to upload pictures on here. Should I go buy my own internal micro usb cable to see if NZXT just sent me another incompatible cable?


It feels like im suffering from this problem, even though NZXT says that is only for the Z line.

Any help would be great!