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Question NZXT Kraken X73 for Asus Maximus Hero Xi (Wi-Fi) and i9 9900k Legit?


Dec 3, 2016
Hello, i am looking into buying this cooler for my motherboard, but i have a concern. I was looking one of the reviews on Amazon and it said that if you have an Asus motherboard then you have to install a 2.0 nzxt usb adapter unit in order for the cooler to work properly or not at all. You can read the full story here:
https://www.reddit.com/r/NZXT/comments/f8b2yp View: https://amp.reddit.com/r/NZXT/comments/f8b2yp/having_lots_of_issues_w_new_kraken_z73_cam/

And then there was some other problems for ASUS users with this cooler. I thought i had all confiedence into this cooler but i hope i am not wrong. I havent bought it yet which is a good thing i saw this post before i did. Should i just choose another cooler or go for this one? My CPU is the high end i9 9900k.

Update: just now bought the Z73 Kraken and hopefully will keep my CPU cool. Idk about the noise it will be but it shouldn't bother me that much or not all even if its loud
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