Question NZXT Kraken X73 makes buzzing noise ?

Feb 8, 2021
I just got this cooler today and it seems to be very noisy. It makes this buzzing sound especially when i boot up a game. I have been reading various posts across many forums and it seems to be a thing, some people have buzzing some have gurgling. I have buzzing however i think i did hear a faint gurgling sound from the radiator that has since gone away.
The buzzing sound is basically what coil whine on GPUs sounds like.

I know that air can get trapped and cause noise and i have been doing the tilting of my pc, doesnt seem to have helped though. Im also running my pump at 100% because i have read that it can help to get rid of air faster.

What gets me is that the buzzing gets so much louder when i boot up a game, how does it know when im already running the pump at 100%?? Makes no sense to me. The buzzing is always there but its way more when gaming.
For example in Red Dead Redemption 2 i hear the buzzing during active gameplay but as soon as i go into the menu it stops (its actually still there just much less than during gameplay). Really strange stuff.

I should mention that the pump is hooked into CPU_FAN, which is what the manual recommends so i dont think i have plugged anything wrong.
And its for sure coming from the pump, the fans are fine.

Heres an example of the issue. For me its not linked to pump RPM though, the noise is always there just much worse when playing games.
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