Question NZXT N7 B550 has cpu and dram lights on, running with 5600X. Tried Flashback and the light from the button itself is not even turning on ?

Sep 19, 2021
So I’m building a PC with:

nzxt b550 n7 mobo
3070 aorus
nzxt x53 kraken
trident z 16GB RAM
MSI a650gf PSU
NZXT h510i case

I built it completely last night and plugged the psu in and flipped the switch (did not try start it) and it kept flashing cpu and dram and making an audible noise so I tried to flashback I don’t remember seeing the light come on so I powered it off and left it alone, then today I got a smaller usb after reading on some advice online and it still didn’t work so I tried it by taking out my cpu and ram and it didn’t flash any lights or make any noises. However now when I put the cpu in and the ram, the lights flash and the sounds comes back for around 3 seconds and turns off and the sound goes away and it doesn’t do anything. I have rebuilt it and I have checked pins on the cpu, and I’m just out of ideas, I’m honestly so close to selling this because of how much of a hassle this is.

I have tried recently to flash it and it had no light and the debug lights went away so I switched PSU off and left it off for an hour and they came back? wtf is going on?