NZXT Phantom-How do you install the side fans?


Jan 5, 2012
Alright, so I've been saving up for a while to build my own gaming computer, and recently I ordered all of my parts, and I put everything together today and got it up and running. This is my first build, so I'm completely inexperienced as far as this whole goes. So I got the NZXT Phantom full tower case, and everything seems to be just fine that I can't seem to get both of the fans on the left side-panel plugged in, only one of them to the closest system fan header on my motherboard to the fans, but even then, when I open the case, it yanks on the motherboard, and I have to reach in awkwardly to unplug it, so for the time being, I've left both side fans unplugged. Now my question to you is, this seems to awkward and difficult to be the right way to plug in the fans, so is there a better way, or should I just take those fans out?

Also, on a side note, I've noticed that the cable management area seems to be far too thin to fit all of my extra power cables, and with the molex connectors back there, the right side-panel won't even close. Do you have any good tips and tricks for a noob cable manager?
What Psu do you have?
Some Psu manufacturers use push on molex plugs, I removed some from my TX850 to route through a 3Mm gap betweem the Hdd cage and rear tray,
I'll post some pics of my efforts later when I get home to the main Rig,
But sometimes extensions are the only feasible solution to a cable problem :)