NZXT Phantom or Rosewill Thor v2?

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Sep 13, 2011
I am upgrading to a larger case from an Azza Spartan 102E and I'm trying to decide between the black NZXT Phantom ( or the white Rosewill Thor v2 ( Main concerns are cable management, as I have a GS800 power supply which is not modular, and size, since my system is running on air and I do a lot of gaming, maintaining good airflow is a concern to me. Thanks!


Mar 10, 2011
Hmm... Thor doesn't look bad at all, but as a Phantom owner I must say that I'm very happy with the case: excellent airflow.

Seriously... no 200mm side fan since it can't fit one with Hyper 212+ installed - no case can, AFAIK - and my GPU is still never higher than 65C on load and 33C on idle! And CPU is 28C on idle and I haven't seen it go higher ever since I got the case (well, also two fans on the Hyper 212+ might have something to do with it xD)

Looks great, 'nuff said. Add an NZXT sleeved LED kit (they have different lengths and colours) for extra lighting if you want. The top 200mm fan is LED-backlit, too (blue).

Fan controller is win; don't use non-NZXT fans with it, though, they buzz (connect them to the mobo instead); but since the NZXT fans are great and the case comes with only 3 slots unoccupied, that shouldn't matter :)

Cooling: front 140mm (not included), side x2 120mm (both included), side 200/230mm (not included, CAREFUL, non-NZXT fans won't even fit, it's actually 192mm and not 200), back 140mm (included), top x2 200mm (one blue LED included). The thing is REALLY, really cold.

Colour is up to you. White looks best, IMO, but black and especially that special edition black & green on Newegg look good, too. Quality paint, inside the case too, so no rust unless you scratch it. Plastic and metal don't catch fingerprints (unlike my previous CM case). Fans aren't noisy even on max RPM.

Front door is pure win; just don't close while burning a CD, the software will try to eject and the door will be on the way :D

Cable management is excellent. I have a non-modular 750W Corsair PSU and managed to secure all unneeded cables behind the backplate:

(oops, haven't got a picture of finished cabling... still, that will give you an idea)

Detachable extra HDD cage... throw it out, I say, unless you've got a ton of hard drives to connect.

The only disadvantage is that there're no front panel USB 3.0 connectors, but I easily overlooked it since I don't own any USB 3.0 devices and if I will, I'll use back panel ports... or I will skip directly to Intel Thunderbolt add-in cards.

Size, you said? Plenty of space, IMO...

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