NZXT PHANTOM usb 3.0 front panel connection


Jun 10, 2012
Hi guys,
So I'm not sure if this should be in motherboards or cases so I apologize in advance if I'm wrong. So I just bought a NZXT phantom case. I have a MSI z68 G43 motherboard. Since the phantom now comes with usb 3.0 front panel connection, it has a blue plug for the motherboard. It has a usb sign and says SS below it. I don't know how I would connect it to my motherboard. This is my first build and it will be done once I can find this one connection so please help me out.

sorry about the links--dont know why some wont work

the usb cable i linked is too long--you probably need about 2 feet depending on your case

the y adaptor plugs onto your usb 3.0 connector from the case front--leaving 2 usb connectors--the usb 3.0 cable

connects to those then goes out the back of the case and plug in to the usb 3.0 ports on the rear of the motherboard

not ideal but if you really need to use the front usb 3.0 then necessary or a new motherboard with the usb 3.0 header