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Aug 6, 2018
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This case is fairly old but i'm going to start building my computer in it first time and I was just wondering if the PWM fan header at the back is safe to plug into the motherboard. So there are the 4 preinstalled fans already connected to the hub. I was wondering if it was safe to plug it into the motherboard, I know these fans are rated at around 0.16A (or that's what I heard.) and shouldn't be a problem, but i'm just taking precautions. I also noticed that the cable from the hub that plugs to the motherboard is suppose to go into the CPU_fan header along with the CPU cooler. I also don't want to overload my motherboard.

I've searched an answer everywhere but everyone has mixed questions on how to do it, and most of the forums are talking about the OLD version of the H440 hub where it was just a fan hub and not PWM. Thankyou for reading!

NZXT H440 (V2 edition with the PWM hub, NOT fan hub.)
ASUS strix Z390h (Has a CPU_FAN and a CPU_OPT and only has 2 chassis fans.)


Nov 1, 2012
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I think that the hub is powered via molex by the power supply and the pwm connection is used only for adjusting the fans speed. Check if molex or SATA power is connected to the hub. If it is, then there are no issues in connecting the hub to a 4 pin header on board.
Edit "I've checked the manual and, indeed, the hub is powered via molex:
"This MOLEX cable connects to the power supply to provide power for the included fan hub and LED lighting"