Question NZXT X62 Kraken noise, followed by (possibly) death?


May 30, 2014
So about a week ago my PC started to make a strange, rapid ticking sound. Few ticks per second. I kind of assumed it was one of the fans, it sounded kinda like holding a piece of paper against one.

I stopped all the fans by hand and none was making the sound. That left just the AIO cooler. Sure enough, a power down and unplugging of the pump confirmed it.

I contacted NZXT support, and they've sent me an Asatek video about shaking the pump to make sure no air bubbles are stuck in it. Though the sound that their pump was making was different, anyway. It had a constant noise, not just quick ticking.

Well, I did it, applied some new IC Diamond, turned on my PC... Only to be greeted by the same noise. And 100°C on all cores, while the cooler was still working beforehand.

The paste has spread around in a thin film and the copper was warm, so there was definitely contact. It was also plugged in fine.

So I took it off again. Gently shook it around again, making sure it would at no point be higher than the rad so no air gets into it.

After remounting... No noise, AND 100°C! I don't know any more. I'll probably have to RMA it. Does anyone have a similar experience? Is there anything else I could try? The cooler is about 1.5 years old, and wasn't run in any crazy OC setup or anything.

Also, I can hear a decent amount of sloshing around. Not a huge amount, but it's definitely noticeable. Could it be fluid permiation leaving the system too dry to run?