Question NZXT Z73 Cable Help and NZXT Cam Issue

Sep 24, 2020
Ok so I have this issue with my Z73,

I’ll start of with my motherboard is the ROG MAXIMUS XI HERO(WI-FI) and u have an AIO CPU cooler, my motherboard has 3 options for a cpu cooler (AIO_PUMP, CPU OPT, and CPU_FAN) I currently have it plugged into cpu fan, I’ve tested all 3 they all work.

First I would like to know what does my 3pin connecter actually connect to (AIO_PUMP, CPU_OPT, or CPU_FAN), all 3 of the fans plug into a breakout cable that comes from the cooler, so the fans don’t need to plug into anything on the MB,

I also have this issue on NZXT Cam where it says I have no supported lighting devices were found, and keep in mind all this happens after I move the collier from the side of my case to the top and unplugged all the cables, this issue may be related, but I’m not sure can someone let me what the 3pin connecter plugs into and if the CAM issue is related.

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