Question Obstructed fan on 980TI making me really nervous

Aug 11, 2019
Hello everyone.

I have recently come across a problem that has the unfortunate combination of being really annoying and something I, apparently, is unable to handle.
I am currently the owner of a 980TI Strix GPU. Its not top of the line, but it’s pretty decent I think and it has worked really well since I got it back in 2016. However, I have encountered problems with it.
One of the 3 fans on the card started to make a noise. I took off the side panel and noticed that the fan spun, but with great difficulty and stopped every couple of seconds only to start back up again. I took out the card and confirmed that the fan feels obstructed or blocked somehow. The blades don’t touch anything while spinning and I believe to have located the problem somewhere around the actual base inside the fan.

I made a little short clip to show off my problem.
Notice that I at this time have removed the screws holding the base of the fan in place, but the sound and the wobble is still a thing when the screws are in.:

(I should also apologize for the vertical video)

What on earth do I do guys? I am in the position where I cant afford a new GPU any time soon and it really fustrates me.

I should mention that I posted this post on all the websites that have been very helpful in the past to me and recommendation from my friends, so I apologize if there is any sort of overlap between them. I don't mean to repost.

Thank you in advance.