Question OC 2400g with 212 black edition

Nov 25, 2018
I got a new cooler, I changed the apu mhz to the minimum and cpu to 3,9 I got idle 28c and when gaming max 60c how far can I push it with this cooler?
May 25, 2019
60c is a bit hot for a gaming load temp. that isnt even absolute 100% load like a full burn stress run would do. 59-60c in an full burn stress run would be different as you never run it that hard in normal gaming so you wouldnt risk going over 65c I know Ryzen's core is a bit more heat tolerant than most chips, but still that's pretty warm.


Reset your bios to factory optimized settings, fix ram speeds etc.

Then go learn how to OC a Ryzen cpu, as much as you can. The theory is all the same, doesn't matter if it's on gigabyte or asrock or asus, it's all the same, only the specific names change according to vendors. Setting arbitrary GHz and just bumping vcore to a Ryzens max isn't OC, it's stupid. Read up, watch videos, ask questions, Google specific bios names, search relationships between settings and then do it all again until you are sure just what you are doing and know the difference between VID and vcore, what programs show what results, which programs to use for temp testing, what to use for stability, for how long, in what order....

OC is a hobby, and should be treated as such, you can't just dive in, change a few settings and expect everything to a) work right, or b) not cook the cpu or motherboard.